Fly Racing CE Revel Race XL Roost Guard

Size: X-Large
Color: Black
Sale price$159.95


Extended BioFoam® chassis designed for larger riders The Revolutionary BioFoam® chassis attachment system eliminates injury-causing plastic rivets and utilizes soft plastics and TPR rubbers without highpoints that could injure in the event of an impact Air channels molded into the BioFoam® allow hot air to escape Full upper torso plastic roost deflector Neck brace compatible design: simply slide underneath the plastics or remove the plastic panels on the chest and back depending upon neck brace design Multiple vents in the plastics allow for maximum airlow Optimized fit for larger riders - 5'11"+ and weighing over 195lbs Easy-to-use waist belt buckles integrated into the chest plastic allow for a broad sizing range Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom comfortable fit

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