Camso Replacement Stabilizing Rod Long Bolt Kit

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Color: Silver
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1033-AS-0075 Replacement Camso Stabilizing Rod Long Bolt Kit. Fits Camso stabilizing arms, as item #3 in the picture. Fits the following track kit models: • 6322IC ATV R4S • 6322IE ATV R4S • 6322IU ATV R4S • 6322NI ATV R4S • 6322NN ATV R4S • 6322NS ATV R4S • 6322NT ATV R4S • 6522IC UTV 4S1 • 6522IE UTV 4S1 • 6522IU UTV 4S1 • 6522NI UTV 4S1 • 6522NN UTV 4S1 • 6522NS UTV 4S1 • 6522NT UTV 4S1 • 6622IC ATV T4S • 6622ID T4S ATV • 6622IE ATV T4S • 6622IO T4S ATV • 6622IR T4S ATV • 6622IU ATV T4S • 6622NI ATV T4S • 6622NN ATV T4S • 6622NS ATV T4S • 6622NT ATV T4S • 6722ID T4S UTV

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