Camso Replacement Rubber Damper

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Color: Black
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1093-00-7050 Replacement Rubber damper for Camso track kit stabilizing arm. The damper fits both the front and the rear stabilizing arms for the track kits listed below. Fits the following track kit models: • 6322IC ATV R4S • 6322IE ATV R4S • 6322IU ATV R4S • 6322NI ATV R4S • 6322NN ATV R4S • 6322NS ATV R4S • 6322NT ATV R4S • 6522IC UTV 4S1 • 6522IE UTV 4S1 • 6522IU UTV 4S1 • 6522NI UTV 4S1 • 6522NN UTV 4S1 • 6522NS UTV 4S1 • 6522NT UTV 4S1 • 6622IC ATV T4S • 6622ID T4S ATV • 6622IE ATV T4S • 6622IO T4S ATV • 6622IR T4S ATV • 6622IU ATV T4S • 6622NI ATV T4S • 6622NN ATV T4S • 6622NS ATV T4S • 6622NT ATV T4S • 6722ID T4S UTV

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