Camso Replacement Bearing (6004)

Color: Silver
Sale price$10.95


1090-00-0005 Replacement Camso bearing 6004. FOR 4S1 KITS: This bearing (the 6004 model) fits in the front of the track wheel. You will need the larger (6005) model to fit in the back of the track wheel. NON 4S1 KITS: This bearing will fit both sides of your track wheels. Fits the following track kit models: • 6322IC ATV R4S • 6322IE ATV R4S • 6322IU ATV R4S • 6322NI ATV R4S • 6322NN ATV R4S • 6322NS ATV R4S • 6322NT ATV R4S • 6522NI UTV 4S1 • 6522NN UTV 4S1 • 6522NS UTV 4S1 • 6522NT UTV 4S1 • 7522NI CAMSO X4S • 7522NN CAMSO X4S • 7522NS CAMSO X4S • 7522NT CAMSO X4S

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