Bakcou Folding Deer Ebike Trailer


Sale price$315.00


    • Quick and Convenient: The Bakcou Folding Deer eBike Trailer is designed for hassle-free use, easily attaching or releasing from the rear axle of your bike. Flexible to switch between biking modes.
    • Versatility & Compatibility: Includes axle extenders. Easily attach & remove to change the wheelbase of your Folding Deer eBike Trailer, providing versatility for various hauling scenarios & terrain.
    • Versatile Hitch: The bike trailer comes equipped with a hitch that connects to both 3/8 and 10mm axle bolts, for broad compatibility. Additional hitch sizes are also available for purchase separately.
    • Hub Motor Bike Compatibility: Ensure connectivity by ordering the 12mm hitch separately. This bike accessory ensures a secure and stable connection, suitable for a wider range of electric bikes.

    To Connect this to ANY Hub motor bikes you need to order the 12mm hitch.

    Use as handcart to retrieve game and then easily attach to bike 16x3 Fat Tires


    • Dimensions: 18” W x 48” L (Recommended 20 PSI for tire inflation)
    • Outside of wheel width: 27”
    • Total length: 72” (60” from back tire when attached to bike)
    • 8" Clearance
    • Weight: 25lbs
    • 150 lbs to 200 lbs capacity depending on trail
    • Kickstand
    • Metal Bottom

    Visit Robert Axle Project to find the correct KID Axle for use on non-Bakcou eBikes.

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