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The TUSK Low-Profile Magnetic Drain Bolt greatly reduces the risk of being hit which can cause expensive crankcase damage. The head of the drain bolt is only 3mm thick (most OE drain bolts are 10mm or larger). The Tusk drain bolt is made from hardened steel and features a magnetic tip to catch the metal contaminants in your oil. A 6mm hex Allen fits deep (7.5mm) into the head of the bolt to ensure easy and safe installation & removal. The drain bolt comes complete with a crush washer for a perfect seal. This custom made drain bolt fits a variety of motorcycles and ATV’s; it is a must for all KLR650 owners (KLR’s are prone to hit the low-hanging drain bolt and break the cases)! Bolt size is M12 x 1.5mm thread pitch x 17.5mm long.

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